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Cellmate - Episode 14

 Hello, my babies! I was so excited to publish the last episode of my show for this series, that I forgot to share it here! Don't worry, Lola will be back soon. But for now, you can finally meet my cellmate from my time in Las Vegas County Jail. I also sing an original song from my musical DOGS! - my answer to CATS! And if you have time, why not go back and rewatch all of my episodes? And then share them with your friends!

Trashy Treasures - Episode 13

 Hello, my babies! Here's the latest episode of my show! My good friend The Fancy Lady followed my recipe for Wine Soup from last week, so I know she's going to be passed out- I mean "asleep" for a while. I think this is the perfect time for me to go digging through her trash! Come with me and see what treasures I find there!

Wine Soup - Episode 12

 Hello, my babies! I got to fill in for my friend The Fancy Lady as host of her show Fancy That! this week. I had a little trouble following her recipe, so I improvised! After a lifetime as a performer, you get to be pretty good at improvising.