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Episode 5 of my show! The LaRue and Look Like Lola!

 Hello, my babies! I just posted the next episode of my show, The Lola LaRue Variety Show, to my YouTube channel! If you are stuck for a Halloween costume, you still have time to Look Like Lola! Thanks for stopping by, my babies!  -Lola LaRue

Lola LaRue Variety Show - SMGDH! Episode 4

 Here's episode 4 of my show! I read my mail - including YouTube comments and snail mail - and I got a box in the mail! How exciting! I wonder what's inside the box... And as always, I do my show!

Lola LaRue Variety Show - She Stole My Thunder

 Here's episode 3 of my show! I had some company today. They helped me figure out a plan about what to do about the new woman at the Circus, Circus.

Lola LaRue Variety Show Launch!

 Hello, my babies! Thank you so much for stopping by! Some of you may have seen my lounge act and are already fans, but I decided it was time to branch out and share my life with the world. So I’ve started a YouTube channel where you can watch my new series, The Lola LaRue Variety Show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I had so much fun making it! Episode 1: Episode 2: I’ll be uploading new episodes weekly until all 6 are up. Hopefully it doesn’t end there! Thanks for stopping by, my babies!