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What a Lady Needs at the Ready

 I guess I'm a lady! A mysterious stranger has invited me to Oslo, so I am taking the opportunity to tell all you ladies out there everything you need to have at the ready in case you get one of these spontaneous romantic getaways.

Fancy That! Special - International Doily Day

 Hello, my babies! My good friend The Fancy Lady has her own show. I don't know where you watch it or anything much about it, other than it is called Fancy That! She decided that today, August 14, is International Doily Day! I told her I'd share her video on my YouTube channel, and I'm sharing it here, too! I don't know what more I can do to help her promote this show! Doesn't she know I'm busy trying to promote my own show? Does she think I'm made of time? Oh, well. She is a friend, so here you go. Talk to you soon, my babies!